Thursday, July 14, 2011


Haven’t been as diligent with blogging about this pregnancy as I was with the twins. This in no way reflects my feelings it’s just that having too little ones to enjoy while working full time and managing to keep a home in order while feeding ourselves the best we can leaves little time for anything else. I do always think about how wonderful it is to be pregnant again and how it truly is a blessing. My body is making something so incredibly amazing that it’s hard for me to even describe how I feel about it. Every change is noticed and appreciated.

With all of that said I’ve also been down on myself for not being as active as I was with the twins. I would love to run and lift weights but that’s not always possible. I try and take walks with the babies as much as possible but it really turns out to only happen on the weekends. Then there’s the weight. One of the midwives I saw the other day told me to watch my weight and to cut back on my carb consumption. I know that I can make better choices and I do when I can but at times nothing appeals other than bread. I also know that she’s basing my weight gain on my pre pregnancy weight. I was 10 pounds lower than I was pre pregnancy with the twins. I know that those 10 lbs would come on automatically once I weaned the twins, which I did about 2-3 months into this pregnancy. So, given that I’m still not at the weight I was at this point with the twins. Anyway, weight is obviously something I think about constantly.

As for the exercising. I received an invitation to go for a night run of our local mountains this upcoming Friday. Two years ago I would have been all over that. It made me a little sad not that I couldn’t go but that I know I couldn’t physically do it and not because of the pregnancy but because I’m not in the physical shape I was two years ago. I miss running. I miss being in great physical shape. However, I LOVE being the best mom to my babies and enjoying every single minute possible with them. They are only this age once and never again. I’ve been blessed with pregnancy again and it may be the last. I’m enjoying the loves of my life and that’s all that matters to me. I LOVE being a mom.

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  1. this picture!!! can't wait until baby is born. :)